A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Soviet Shoot the Space and Controllers is a fast paced arcade shooter based on the early 90's Mega Drive era. This is the early access version 1 build.

In 1983 a Soviet Galaxy Fighter IV Space ship launched from Kazakhstan to begin a 4000 year journey across the Milky Way Galaxy. Waking from their cryogenic sleep the brave crew of the Feoktistov Fighter find themselves surrounding by enemy space bots.

Destroy everything that moves and make the Soviet Union proud as you conquer the galaxy!

YouTube gamers: All sound effects are free to use and sourced from free-sounds.org. The background music (all 3 tracks) have been purchased and licences obtained. We encourage you to make some videos of Soviet Shoot the Space and Controllers, you'd be really helping us out! There is no online leader board so the only way to prove your high-score is by sharing it with others!


Keyboard: Arrows for movement. Space to shoot. Escape to pause/quit. NOTE: If your keyboard can not handle more than 2 key presses simultaneously you can use your left mouse button to fire, whilst using WSAD.

Controller: D-Pad or Analogue stick to rotate. A to shoot. R1/R2 for throttle. L1/L2 for Reverse. START to pause. B to share score to Twitter.

Tested on Xbox Controller on PC.

Credit must go to Wuhu of OpenGameArt for his free space ship sprites which we edited a bit to animation: http://opengameart.org/users/wuhu

Desert Pixel Games is a two person development team, making indie games in their spare time. Thanks for your support.

Install instructions

Just download, unzip and play. Your controller should be recognised at the start menu. If no controller is detected the keyboard will be defaulted.


SovietShootTheSpaceAndControllers_PC.zip 19 MB
SovietShootTheSpaceAndControllers_MAC.zip 22 MB


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Gave it a shot.

Thanks for playing our game iwanPlays! Pity the controller didn't work for you. I can't imagine why, we did test it.

Some keyboards don't actually allow you to press more than 3 buttons at the same time, I remember this being an issue even when I was a kid playing Mortal Kombat with my friends on a pc! The option is available to fire the gun with your mouse though, allow you to fly around with the arrow keys.

Either way, thanks for trying it and responding to my email!