A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


An early prototype submitted for CitySimJam. Instead of building cities like most games of this genre, Riot Town is the opposite. Your mission is to destroy it!

Riot Town was created over the course of 9 days and we fully intend to add features and functionality once the Game Jam has ended so be sure to look out for an official Version 1 of the game soon.


Use the arrows on your keyboard to move the camera and your mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

Point and Click to where you want your riot to move to.

Click on objects to try to destroy them.

The more damage you create the bigger your riot will become.

If we had time:

We're happy with how this prototype turned out however there are more things we intend to add in the future:

1. Cops chasing your riot! The whole idea of the game is to keep the riot going and cause lots of damage without the police and riot squad ending your fun. Despite there being police in the game they don't do anything except harrass members of the public.

2. More destruction! You may notice that currently there's not an awful lot you can destroy but that will change when we go beyond the jam. We would like to have real models for the buildings with glass windows to break.

3. Upgrade your riot. Equip all your rioteers with Molotov Cocktails and baseball bats to cause even more damage!

Special thanks for character design to :

Ella Pascucci

Stew Groenemeyer

Natalie Sanderson

Adrian Orzech

In conclusion:

Thanks for playing our little game. Follow us on twitter: @desert_pixel


RiotTown_WIN.zip 14 MB
RiotTown_MAC.zip 17 MB